There will be NO Spring Fling Hoop Thing in 2021.


On March 19 & 20, 2022, AFY will be hosting an indoor

5-on-5 basketball tournament.


We hope we can count on our amazing sponsors’ continued support and we very much look forward to having all our long-time players, coaches and supporters returning for the new and improved 2022 Spring Fling!

For 26 years, nearly 5,000 players, families, friends and spectators have converged in Great Falls, Montana on the first Saturday in June for Montana’s largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Spring Fling Hoop Thing promotes fun, amateur athletics, sportsmanship and physical fitness in a family-friendly, drug and alcohol-free environment. All proceeds from the event benefit Alliance for Youth, a local nonprofit organization which has had roots in our community for more than 30 years. Alliance for Youth works to create social change for youth and families in our community through collaboration, advocacy and education in areas including: mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse, child neglect and abuse, human trafficking, parenting, trauma informed approaches and resiliency.

On Game Day, stop by the physical Headquarters at the Expo Park to get your Spring Fling Hoop Thing water bottles, event t-shirts and commemorative game balls. Also, find rules, regulations and other important information about the event here. Visit the stage to find out information about your games or brackets.

Participation Waiver

I know that participating in strenuous activities such as basketball is potentially hazardous. I assume all risks associated with playing in this event, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, effects of the weather, and the condition of the playing surface, and all facts being known and appreciated by me. Knowing these facts, and in consideration of you accepting my entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors administrators or anyone else who might bring claims on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release and discharge Spring Fling Hoop Thing, and all charities benefiting from this event, Cascade County, Montana, Spring Fling Hoop Thing employees, volunteers, and any or all sponsors from whatsoever arising out of or in the course of participating in this event. The Release and Waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. I hereby grant full permission to any and all foregoing to use photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings or record of my or my likeness from the event for any purpose. CAUTION: All spectators, please use caution while attending Spring Fling Hoop Thing. There are several courts in play and you and/or a player could be injured if common sense and court awareness are not addressed.

Rules and Regulations

    1. All games will have a twenty (20) minute time limit. One (1) time out will be awarded to all teams at the ten (10) minute mark. Each team will consist of a maximum of four (4) players and a minimum of three (3) players to start the game.
    2. Only players and one (1) coach per team are allowed on the court. The scorekeeper, parents and spectators must remain behind the ropes.
    3. Substitutions may be made during dead ball situations only. Co-ed teams MUST have at least one (1) female playing at all times. If an injury occurs, stop play immediately and address the situation. If the player appears unable to continue, request a substitute and continue play.
    4. On Grade Kindergarten to 6th Grade courts, an adult supervisor, 18 years or older, must be present at all games.
    5. We will make every attempt to have a Court Monitor for every game. If one is NOT present, please start play and THEN notify headquarters. We will make an announcement and get a Court Monitor to your court ASAP. Do NOT delay the game.
    6. Teams must be present at their assigned court within five (5) minutes of the scheduled starting time. If the master game horn clock rings and only one team is ready to play, the team in question will be given a five (5) minute time limit to address their team responsibilities and be ready to play. Otherwise it will result in a game forfeit. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
    7. Games are played to twenty one (21) points, win by one. In the event of a tie score, each team will designate one player to shoot three (3) free throws. The player/team making the best out of three (3) will be declared the winner. Baskets made within the 3-point arc count for one (1) point. Baskets made outside the 3-point arc count for two (2) points.
    8. All fouls result in one (1) free throw attempt, unless the shot is behind the 3-point arc, in which case two (2) shots will be awarded.
    9. First possession will be determined by coin toss with team captains. The team who receives first possession will be responsible for keeping the game score sheet and possession arrow. The other team will work the score board. The Court Monitors are not responsible for either required task, but are required to know both tasks are covered before allowing the game to start. Unusual situations will occur and the Court Monitors may need assistance. The alternating possession rule will be applied for all jump ball situations.
    10. Teams must “CHECK” the ball after all made baskets and dead ball situations. This is a common time for subs, so be aware of teams making changes on the fly. The ball must be “CHECKED” before play continues. The defender CANNOT GRAB or STEAL the ball directly following a “CHECKED” ball. Please address this rule and ask that he or she informs their players that A PASS TO A TEAMMATE MUST BE MADE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO SCORE.
    11. NO DRIBBLE DRIVES TO THE BASKET ARE ALLOWED. Only on Grade 7th to Adult Courts will the following rule be applied: The offense CANNOT DRIBBLE INSIDE the 3-point arc or SHOOT before passing to a teammate to begin play. Be certain to address this rule with team captains BEFORE play begins.
    12. On all LIVE change of possessions, including errant pass situations, the “ball” and the “player’s entire body,” must be “TAKEN BACK” behind the 3-point arc before attempting to score a basket. Failure to do so will result in the loss of ball and any made basket will be disallowed.
    13. In order to promote the longevity of Spring Fling Hoop Thing equipment, DUNKING IS NOT ALLOWED!
    14. Direct technical, flagrant and intentional fouls MUST BE ENFORCED at ALL times and at ALL levels of play. Sportsmanship and Player Safety are a priority to control.
    15. UNUSUAL SITUATIONS, PLAYER AND SPECTATOR EXPECTATIONS. In order to maintain the family and good sportsmanship spirit of Spring Fling Hoop Thing, the Court Monitor has the authority to stop play and advise a player, teammate or spectator of the need to change his or her behavior. The Court Monitor also has the authority to bench a player to necessitate a change in behavior. Fouls may be applied directly to the team captain for the behavior of an unruly fan if unruliness remains after warning by the Court Monitor. If any situation is continuous, the Court Monitor or other tournament official may eject the player or spectator from the game or event.
    16. There are NO REFUNDS for team entries.

Click HERE to Download a Printable Copy of the 2020 Rules and Regulations.


The Spring Fling Hoop Thing encourages competitive basketball games in which all players, spectators and volunteers treat each other with mutual respect, dignity and sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship and cooperation is both anticipated and expected. Rules for Sportsmanship at the Spring Fling Hoop Thing: ​​​​Respect other teams. Respect the court monitors. ​Know the rules​. Keep your cool. Celebrate good play. Remember, these are kids. This is a game. The court monitors are volunteers & human. If you behave inappropriately on or off the courts, you & your team will be ejected.

Youth Activities

In addition to the action on the courts, the event organizers for Spring Fling Hoop Thing have also organized a Youth Activity Area. Throughout the day a variety of activities will be available to entertain kids during breaks between games.

Spring Fling Hoop Thing is looking for a few good court monitors! Actually, event organizers need as many court monitors as are interested. Though event organizers would prefer court monitors who are members of the Montana Officials Association, as they have first-hand knowledge of the rules of play and experience refereeing, we strongly welcome and encourage anyone interested in court monitoring to call 406-952-0018. Court monitors who work a half-day will receive $50, while court monitors who work the entire event will receive $100 and a meal. If the event continues past 6 p.m., court monitors will receive an additional $25 and an additional meal. All court monitors will receive two free t-shirts and lunch. Drinks & snacks are provided to the court monitors throughout the day. Please remember that SFHT will ATTEMPT to have court monitorson all courts, especially 1st – 6th grade divisions. If a court monitor is not present when play should begin, commence play and notify headquarters.

Each & every year, this tournament grows! We anticipate this year to be no exception. Without our amazing sponsors, Spring Fling simply wouldn’t happen. Our goal this year is 45 court sponsors. By sponsoring a court, not only do you get a chance to support such an important community event, but you also get to be a part of the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Montana. As a sponsor, your company or organization will have the opportunity to spread your message to a captivated audience through many avenues. Whether you elect to be a court sponsor or major event partner, you will be introduced to thousands of potential clients and customers, as well as contributing to an event that brings families and friends together. To get more information on sponsorships, please contact us.




Alliance for Youth  •  Anderson ZurMuehlen  •  Albertsons of Great Falls  •  Cascade Electric & Communications  •  C&C Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab  •  Columbus Center •  Crane Chiropractic  •  D.A. Davidson & Co.  •  Douglas Wilson & Co.  •  Dick Anderson Construction  •  Dr. Bruch Orthodontics  •  Farm Bureau Insurance – Brett Keaster  •  First Interstate Bank  •  Flippin’ Family Fun  •  Great Falls Firefighters IAFF Local #8  •  Kiwanis of Great Falls  •  L’Heureux Page Werner   •  Loenbro •  Marshall Orthodontics •  Montana Credit Union  •  National Laundry • North Central Montana Human Trafficking & MMIP Task Force •  Northwestern Energy  •  Peak Health & Wellness Center  •  Rocky Mountain Treatment Center •  Sletten Companies  •  Steel Etc. •  Taco Bell • The Sober Life • University of Providence  •  Uptown Optimist Club  •  Westgate Repair/Benski Towing

vendor_pepsiSpring Fling Hoop Thing proudly serves all Pepsi products.


To ease your hunger, Pizza Hut will be on hand with pizza, breadsticks, pop and water.



Kettle Popcorn, Deep Fried Snacks & Airbrush Tattoos

::Flippin Family Fun-Berry Kabob & Zero Shock


If you’re in the mood for some grub, visit the Belt DECA Club’s stand for burgers, hot dogs, polish dogs, pop and water.


Berry K’Bob & Zero Shock


Jah T’aime (Jamaican Cuisine)


Kids Fun Zone

::Coffees, Lattes & Italian Sodas


Carlson Q

Carlson Q Backyard BBQ

Purchase a sports bottle and quench your thirst all day with Gatorade electrolyte-replacer or refreshing Giant Springs water!


Ferda’s Mini DonutsWe bet you won’t be able to resist chowing down a bag of Ferda’s Mini Donuts while you’re there!



Spring Fling Hoop Thing Sale! May 31 & June 1. Huge savings on thousands of shoes, athletic apparel, and accessories

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